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Thanks for write up. It is quite a revealing information.

My question - the 'prefecture level city' from which you departed on train towards Lanzhou - was is officially under restriction/semi-quarantine? If not, why in this case no public transport?

Was the same situation at Lanzhou as well? Do you think that it is in other cities in China too? Blocked roads, no public transport except trains/MRT, no open food places within cities and reduced level of inter-city trains/flights?
Roads in villages or residential areas were blocked by residents in an unofficial capacity. In fact the Chinese government made it clear that this was illegal. The city I visited was under restriction and when the crisis escalated with confirmed cases in the province, public transportation was suspended. I reached Lanzhou last Friday as confirmed cases were declared, so businesses were closed. However some buses still operated. Inter-city trains and flights were reduced by operators, I understand, in response to the lower traffic volume. This was nation-wide. All entertainment venues (cinemas, bath-houses, karaoke) were shuttered nation-wide as early as CNY eve, upon order by the central government.
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