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i recall one of the first things when i came back into this thread was reading how most were having a go at Rashy also 🤣
but then again, please name me 1 player that hasn’t come under critiscm from us bunch ?
i’m struggling to name any (youngsters not included, Williams & Greenwood ... but i know Chong & Gomes already can struck off the list lol)
even McTominay also came under fire before we started singing his priaises lol

How can it be? United got Rashy and Marsiao leh. No lack of firepower. Haha people all feel Rashy is sooo good. But time and time these 2 combine cant even score more than 20 each season?

Never mind they are finally improving, this season rashy on 14 (out of which 6 is penalty). And Martial is on 8. Finally over 20. Next year is United season!

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