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i always have this impression that AWB played better for Palace than he so far has for United
at Palace, i thought his forays into the opponent’s penalty box was better and most importantly ... not clueless
at United, i’m not sure if he’d been given specific instructions not to venture too deep cos his responsibility is to race back in the event of a quick counterattack should the ball be lost
hence why to me at least he seems like 2 different players with the ball at his feet in the opponents’ half
the one that just passes the halfway line up until the final third, and the one that goes beyond that third and edge of the box is like chalk and cheese
hopefully he’ll come good in a year or 2 ...
but it seems to me, this United team lacks proper coaching in all depts
It's not just him. There are 2 versions of players now.

United's clueless version; and
Other teams' godmode version.

Lukaku, Smalling now godmode.
Harry McGuire no longer Leicester's godmode.
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