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got another noob question... couldnt find the answer to it from internet..

May i know approximately how many percent of dividends will we get quarterly from the below etfs? (i understand that the dividends will be reinvested)

1)IWDA (after 15% withholding)

the reason im asking this is to understand if there is a possibility to "live off" dividends when its time to retire.

for example: if the average dividend per quarter for the 3 etf combined is 1%. And i have approximately 500k combined in them. Quarterly i be able to get a dividend of $5000. Coupled with CPF life, i think it be pretty decent to just live off dividends without touching the nest egg at all.

im a noob.. be gentle
1% per quarter means 4% per year. Of course it wont be so high unless you are >90% in reits

In short, when drawing down, do the reverse of accumulating. Sell the leading asset(s) monthly/quarterly according to AA
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