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Tunetalk cannot receiving roaming sms or calls in Singapore? Anyway bought a sim card in KL but the card was not activated even after verification. How?
My Tunetalk card can roam, so if it's not for calls and SMS, I can't think what else it's for... Other than data roaming which I don't use in SG, that is. Have you checked their website for roaming options?

I don't quite understand your "card was not activated even after verification". What kind of verification? I presume you're trying to use the card after leaving the shop, or even Malaysia?

You should return to the same shop to check with them. If you've already left Malaysia, you can contact their customer service. Again, check their website for possible options like Live Chat or otherwise send an email if you'd rather not call them.

Offhand, if the CSO can't do the activation for you, they might ask you to head to a Tunetalk agent. If so, you can ask them to give you a few addresses in JB.
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