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worth buying?? I see its VS game although got RPG mode...
i like GBF, i like fighting game, am enjoying alot so far. (in RPG and online fighting)

currently the RPG mode roughly 5 island, 35~40quest. no idea future will add/update or not. can upgrade/buy/craft/gacha weapons (skins).

not so fun
the starting roster is pitiful. with character pass, $111 is so stupid and too ex. not comparing in a negative way, theres too many big titles cost way less than 'a fighting game'.

the $75 should be include the extra chara from the chara pass... again, am not saying the game is bad.

fans probably alrdy bought. ppl still considering, highly recommend sales, or GOTY edition where all characters are included for vanilla price. theres still so many "fan favorite" characters not included... (paid DLC)
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