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Here's another quick update....

It's another January, so here's what I'm up to (in no particular order):

1. My spouse and I have already put the wheels in motion to make the maximum U.S. IRA contributions for 2020. (It takes a few steps and some days to do that, mechanically, but I start the process as early as allowed.)
Well underway.

2. We'll make our CPF top ups for tax relief at the end of this month.
All done, although one of us might have some "gap filling" MediSave top ups later in the year.

5. I'm penciling in two family vacations for 2020, and I'm keeping an eye on airfares.
And now keeping an eye on the 2019-nCoV-related disruptions.

6. I'm checking my immunizations to see if any boosters are due in 2020. (Tetanus, maybe?)
All good, including Tetanus.

Don't forget about other important investments. For example, it's good to learn how to swim if you or a loved one haven't learned yet. Also, Valentine's Day is coming up on February 14.
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