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[PSA] Please post responsibly to avoid misleading others

This post has also been appended to the first post of the thread.

Dear HWZ members,

As the HardwareZone forums is a major discussion platform, we would like to remind all forum users that they are obligated to follow the terms and conditions of use of the forum platform.

Most importantly, every user is responsible for comments and posts they’ve created in the forum. Emerging news related to Novel Coronavirus is very important to all of us. But equally important is the need to prevent unverified mistruths from spreading in our community. All of us must avoid posting unverified and speculative remarks, mistruths and misinformation, to prevent unintended consequences arising from inaccurate information. This consideration applies to all other topics as well.

It is also essential to clearly mark the type of your post you intend to start:-

  • To Post Announcements Based on Credible Reports
Use title demarcations such as [News], [PSA], [GLGT], [GVGT], and other such indicators. Also ensure that you include sources to further bolster and validate your post.

  • To Post Questions for Answers or Feedback
Please ensure that it reads like a question and that it does not look like a statement or a factual point. Proper punctuations and title structuring are important to prevent misinterpretations.

  • To Post An Opinion
If you intend to post a personal opinion or that of someone else, do ensure that it’s either demarcated as an opinion or mention the person’s name in your title before indicating a quote/opinion. It is also good practice to present reasons and sources to support your opinion and avoid misrepresentation and spreading misinformation.
Title Examples:- “[Opinion] Xx Yy Zz”, or “Mr.Potato: Don’t worry, be happy”

  • To Post a Discussion Point
If a discussion point is speculative or uncertain, it should be worded such that it’s not a statement of fact. Use words like “Should”, “Would”, “Could” and other such modal verbs to indicate possibilities in your sentence. It is also ideal to end such statements with a question mark to further reinforce the intention of the discussion point.

Moderators reserve the right to issue infractions and remove posts/threads that might mislead readers and don’t include sources. Depending on the severity of the post, users may be permanently banned too.

For any further feedback or concerns, please kindly use the Report Post function (available on Desktop mode) within the respective forum post. You may also write in to inform the community manager at

Thank you for making our forum community a meaningful space for discussion and information sharing.
Vijay Anand
Editor-in-Chief ( and Forum Administrator
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