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Thanks for taking the time to reply. After reading through the posting I still could not get a definite answer. Can or cannot?. My current TV is also a smart TV but we need to press the APP button on the remote to get the smart app. Otherwise it acts like a normal TV.

What makes you think that TCL is a dumb tv? With all these Android, netflix, youtube and AI built in, it definitely is not your regular dumb tv.
With the right settings,the tv will show up direct into the live programme. If the manufacturer make the user have to press a lot of buttons, do a lot of steps every time he wants to watch tv, the manufacturer will close down very fast.
Anyway, if you want to get those fat old CRT tv, which is the dumb tv you wants, you can try Mustafa if they have small sized ones, or else, buy from those tv repair shoes.
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