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Not sure if this is the correct thread to post. But did anyone experience netflix error message "tvq pm 100 (5.2.5)" for Tcl 65P8s?

I just upgrade my Netflix standard HD to ultra HD plan. And suddenly I am not able to watch all titles unless I change the audio settings within Netflix from 5.1 to 2.1 audio. For normal HD titles, I have no issue changing to 2.1. But for all HDR and 4K format titles, whenever I change to 2.1,it will auto revert back to 5.1 and give me the same error message and not able to watch.

Called Netflix, they said its TCL hardware problem and recommend me to call them. Gonna call TCL Singapore tomorrow but don't have any high hopes tbh.

Anyone got this similar issue with tcl p8s or other models?
OK. I found out the problem already. Its my creative sxfi amp that I plugged into the TV that is causing the issue.

Now everything is good. Great TV BTW. Its worth the money. Hopefully can last as long as my old Panasonic plasma which is 8 years old and still going strong.
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