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Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out if Providend is worth it (I think they charge a $2,000 fee upfront but they don't take commission for insurance, so I'll probably save there).

After being burnt by insurance agents, I don't want to deal with anyone that charges commission. Also don't want to pay commission to fund managers/relationship managers.

I have a friend who says that going with Providend was the best decision for his financial life ever but he has lots of $$$.

So... anyone has been advised by them?
What sort of services are you looking for them to provide?

I've spoken to them before on retirement planning and had them took a look at my finances but in the end I didn't engage them. The $2,000 you mentioned is one off but for my case, there is a recurring annual fees based on AUM and this fees could range from (if I recall correctly) 0.5% to more than 1%.
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