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I am thinking of buy TCL TV for my mother who is very old and is not familiar with technology. When we switch on the TV will it start up like a normal tv where it will go to the HDMI Port and get the signal from the starhub box or that it start up with Android TV. I actually need a dumb TV for my mom but I am not willing to spend money to buy dumb tv. At least when I am at home I can use the Android TV function.
its quite hard now to find 'dumb' tv. but i think Giant IMM do have some on display. go have a look.
Philips, Akai etc to name a few.

I just found out this one 50" @$599.

this one on right.

There are a few smaller size. Again i did not check into details for every model there as i was not on the market for a TV. Just doing weekly grocery stuff.

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