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Guys. What is the common local name for this plant ah?
I notice the few LFS in my area will always sell them. They are kept in a roughly 2feet tank, usually with another type of plant with needle like leaves. The tank has nothing but a pump. No substrate, fishes. But I notice the plants are always green plump and no browning de. Is there a trick to the healthy plants the LFS keep them???

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I was not in a rush to use this plant, so i left it inside a longish plastic container filled with water and covered up. I threw in 2 snails from my guppy container.
Today out of curiosity why the plant doesnt seem to be growing at all, so i stared closer. To my astonishment, i saw a leaf moving, then a caterpillar looking 毛毛蟲 was crawling out from that leaf. That leaf isnt flat, it was curled up like a tube. Out of worry, i looked up and down and realised there are a few more such tube looking leaves with these 毛毛蟲 moving.
I threw the whole plant away and wash up the container.

Just curious. Is this normal??? I have used this plant several times before, but i never seen these "insect" before. Regret not taking a pic before throwing away, because i panicked and just threw...
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