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Thanks. I did not see this post but I did picked up a Sharp TV earlier at Gain City today. LC-50UA6800X for $879. It is an android TV but the android TV only comes when you press the button on the remote.

I would assume it would be the same for the TCL TV. I wanted to try TCL but decide to stay with Sharp due to my mother being more familiar with the sharp remote.
Not sure about your Sharp Smart TV. My Android TV (Android Oreo 8.0 now waiting for the release of Pie 9 for my TV model) and my friend's TCL Android TV (also Android 8) boot up directly on Android. Again without generalizing things, not all Android TV (even with same version) are the same in performance such as boot up (from power down) or interface speed. Some are better than the other. Try it for yourself is the best. You can check out TCL android interface against other make.

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