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You should template on the material then cut out later, this will take you some time. Always do a set first to try out. You will need full concentration to avoid mistakes. Dimensions must be very accurate as sewing will be difficult.

Sandwich the materials, I am showing you the top and bottom.

Sew four corners so that the material will not move.

Lastly assemble it with Venus Elastic Band, which is cut to 23cm. Venus Elastic Band is about $2.80, comes in black and white color. You'd find that cutting out cloth is not easy, so as you do, do it slowly. Tell yourself to do slowly. Repeat this statement to yourself as you are doing, else you going to prick your finger or sew wrongly. Once finished, use a plastic bag to seal the mask up. You can use it at a later time.

For maintenance, you can wash, you can iron, you can hair blower it. Up to you.

The center part should be overlapping, if you cannot overlap and still got gaps, have a strip of sandwich in the middle. This can be the strongest or the weakest part of the mask. So take note of it.

The embedding of gardening ties can be the top and bottom at the edge. You just need small stitches to reinforce it. This mask itself will be 8 layers strong at least.
Update on Feb 11

This is the 10 layer filtering media. Showing the internal section of it. The black ties are gardening tie. Those who buy trash bags and have trash bag ties, also can use but they are thinner. Gardening tie is available at hardware store.
- KD

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