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Finding non woven fabrics would be the more challenging part.

Why not 3M floor wiper?
They are thinner.

Why not use Japan floor wiper?
The wiper is definitely fine woven but there are holes to capture dirt, you find that double layering does not help much to reinforce the filter. Magic Clean Dry wiper is also from Japan. Mask should work not just in virus situation but also during Haze situation, so you are addressing two situations here.

Can use aircon filter?
Well, you have to observe the holes. If they too big, then it is not suitable materials. What we want to do here is to find the most closely tight woven material.

Why not use cotton?
Cotton is fibre, so might as well use microfibre which is more tightly woven than cotton. You find that cotton itself is loosely woven to each other.

Can use charcoal powder?
Powder should stick to materials so that you do not breathe in, else you might create a very sticky situation for yourself. Powder can stick on to the mucus in your nose, end up you have some breathing problems if you are not careful.
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