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SR6013 are still available and the hardware difference is quite negligible. It's actually a more powerful receiver than I need, but it gives me breathing room if and when I want to expand my speaker setup. I don't need powerful or expensive speakers since the space I have is small. And I rather buy the speakers as a package rather than in parts.
My budget is about 2000 s$ total. I think it should be fine. I might go for used speakers with a new receiver.

Marantz SR6013 is discontinued and SR6014 is introduced in 2019.
SR6014 for $1200? Thatís a great deal cause overseas just way about that

I will spend a little more for such setup. Upgrade later means what? 1-2 yr later? That $800 a yr or 2 is close to nothing at resale. another $1k more will get u something U don't have to upgrade for a while unless U want a floor standing speakers. such as PARADIGM, Monitor Audio ($1.4k), Q acoustics ($1.4k) SVS or definitive technology. Even these are entry level for nice brands with small foot print. Nice sub is not small.
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