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I would suggest TS to sell away the AVR and use the $800 plus the money made from the AVR invested on a soundbar with atmos w/sub no need to worry placement and save alot of money if want a baseline home theatre one has to spent a sum of total amount around 4k+ lesser than that might as well go for 2.1 or soundbar
I have no AVR to sell.. I am looking to build a home cinema setup, which will include a Marantz SR6013 Receiver, and a set of speakers.
I am not interested in any sound bars. I think they're good for people who don't really care about surround sound and just want some booming sound. I am interested in an immersive sound experience, and I am going to get it at my budget restraints. You really do not need to splurge 4k+ to enjoy home cinema. especially for a 3 room HDB.
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