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I personally feel while the new launches are overpriced, there are some value to be found in the resale market.

I had an ex boss who was a PR here for 20 odd years. He had lodging allowance like you. He bought a place and asked his company to pay for the monthly instalment. He did that for 20 years. So with the cap appreciation, his company literally gave him the place for free. He revoked his PR, took his cpf money, sold his place, and left SG at 45, retired 5-8m richer based on my calculations.

You can asking your company if they could foot your monthly instalments instead then it's a no brainer.
Thanks @drkcynic, I am unlikely to have my company foot the bill for monthly installment / rent. Hence I am simply exploring the option of buying one and staying in the other company rented apartment. With the possibility of moving into my own apartment in a few years time.
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