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My experience maybe not normal. My car was VAC ready as well. PI (not vincar) actually wrote down everything in the sales contract.

Chassis and engine number, all accesories they are giving me, color I chose for the leather seats, delivery date all written down. 1 bid guaranteed. Entire process went so smoothly until I scared I kenna scammed...

Car was ready for collection after very next bidding 2 weeks later before their promised date with all accessories including sports rims installed, left only bodykit. They sent me pics after each stage of accessories were installed and kept me informed over that 2 weeks. They informed me the bodykit got shipment delay, but I can collect car first, then go back once the kit arrive.

Ahh, so got something didn't go smoothly, now I felt better. I chose to wait for the kit. Took almost 1 more week, so in the end I collected my car within 3 weeks.
Sad... my just tell me will update me once there is slot to get my car install all the accessories. just keep saying that due to CNY sales they got 40 to 50 in the queue to get their accessories to be install, no estimate time given to me at all.. but during the purchase stage told me that the car will get ready 1 week after coe secured end up secured liao become diff story...
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