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Sad... my just tell me will update me once there is slot to get my car install all the accessories. just keep saying that due to CNY sales they got 40 to 50 in the queue to get their accessories to be install, no estimate time given to me at all.. but during the purchase stage told me that the car will get ready 1 week after coe secured end up secured liao become diff story...
Bang table and say they promised you 1 week after CoE. Insist they give you in 1 week.

Alternate idea - ask them what accessories already installed and what haven't install. Ask if you can collect the car first, then you come back when they are ready to install the rest of the accessories.

Or ask them to refund the cost of the accessories, you go outside workshop to do (Coilovers, HU, Rear Cam, Dash cam, Solar film, Sports Rims, Leather upholstery, all can easily do outside and can get even better ones, but you need to spend a bit of time).
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