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It is so great to be working. If you notice every year as your networth increases, what was considered as high allocation few years back now becomes small allocation, in percentage terms. So your initial allocation will always become more and more conservative, as years pass by, if you don't allocate more. So we have this natural hedge while we are working. So we should just relax and stop watching the markets and focus on other interesting things. Markets are very addictive, but it is detrimental to our networth. The best returns are made by people who don't even know what is going on in the market.

I wish I can find another hobby and forget about markets.
Very true. Before I started working, I was monitoring the market on a daily basis, traded so often. I think I made some money but it wasn't significant.

Now after working for a couple of years, literally have no time for the markets. Just invest and concentrate on other things - it's less stressful, I tend to make more money actually since I ride out the capital gains (esp. the US stocks).

Like Mike, I run alot too, that takes your mind off things. Cycling works as well!
Waiting for emerging markets to emerge
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