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That's my plan.

I am actually quite travel mobile, but Singapore is where I think I will settle down eventually.

That is valid. I've looked at REITS and it's appealing, my only reservation is that during 2008 market crash, Singapore REIT fell over 50% in value, though it might (might not) still fecth 4% dividend, but they stock value took 50% hit.

I am still single now, so I don't know how things will pan out, hence I am ruling out the possibility of a SG spouse since there is none now, probability = ZERO now.
If you plan to settle down in Sg, then its good idea that you can get your own property.. even if one day u decided to relocate else where, you can always rent it out / sell it.. one thing good about Sg property is you dont have to pay any capital gain tax when u sell..

Feel free to PM me for more info re property ownership in Sg..
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