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I donít think u are interested in the proposal from ppl here. If u set in doing what you want. I think we can close the thread. If you have question I am not find it for ppl to to comment and help.

Many ppl asking u to do the following
- spend within budget for 2 speakers
- get used setup
- invest in better 5.1 setup if u must want small foot print
- test things out to make sure what u getting into with small foot print.

Did I miss anything here?
I am considering used setup. but if I take, for instance, the Wharfedale DX-2 set, it'll be within budget and still give me a surround solution.
Offering a 2 speakers setup misses the purpose for me.
Going over budget is not really an option since this is meant for a move to a new HDB so there will be plenty of expenses.
I am thankful for relevant suggestions - as in, within budget, and according to my requested guidelines.
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