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Never been better to cruise during this period
Embarkation and disembarkation smooth all the way.
Less people, less queue, more machines available and most importantly, many loose machines to catch.
Food are serve in more hygienic way, sanitizers available everywhere even when you play slot, the staff will come and offer it to you.

Enjoy your trip with only 1300 onboard, John. Imagine how free and easy with only 56 palace guests using the privilege facilities. Well, I am cancelling my Genting highland trip this week and switching to cruise instead. Personally think that cruise ship is safer than Genting Highland and local IRs. Read the news this morning, case 43 is a RWS staff and he went to work on one day between 30Jan to 6Feb which I happened to be at RWS during that period too.

Returned from my Friday cruise yesterday. Never seen a Friday cruise with so many empty seats when the casino "kick starts" at 9:15PM.
The Lunar New Year Dinner was a disappointment to me, maybe I don't know how to appreciate fine dinning. I don't feel the food tasty. My agent given me many extra tickets to all my family members to join the dinner, we occupied 2 tables, yet there were still many empty tables.
Hit a few nice combinations from Cash Cove but fed the profits back to Cai Fu Lian Lian (CFLL). This trip, the Cash Cove machines have been kind to me but not CFLL.
Recently saw CC was good to play. Saw someone hit FH Purple Fishes x4 (2x2 combi) x 5x FGs mutiplier playing 250cr 10cts ($25) paid 100k CR ($10k). CFLL recently quite tight.

What was your highest combi, payout and from what bet?
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