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Been to the showflat yesterday, tbh, its trying to promote the spanish theme, which to me is irrelevant.. got ‘gallery’ of the paintings( like those we see in the ads).. games corner for the kids.. Facilities wise, pretty standard, but the entrance part looks pretty nice..
Entrance of showflat doesn't sell.
Spanish theme doesn't attract me.

The telehealth service is interesting, and I feel like it compliments being beside a hospital.

Now the problem comes.... With the virus on-going, and SKGH being like "ground zero" with an isolated patient, will there still be crowds at the showroom?

Then, the other concern is in the longer term... Let's say another epidemic occurs, would you dare to take the LRT that is just beside the hospital, with lots of patients bringing germs and viruses in and out of the hospital to the LRT station?

To me.... I want to study how Ola is going to be sold with the launch date just after the virus outbreak, if it is sold at a high psf. Good lesson on marketing.
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