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Recently saw CC was good to play. Saw someone hit FH Purple Fishes x4 (2x2 combi) x 5x FGs mutiplier playing 250cr 10cts ($25) paid 100k CR ($10k). CFLL recently quite tight.

What was your highest combi, payout and from what bet?
Hit at RWS $67k+ was still new to CC at that time, didn't understand how it paid, just remember I caught many blue fishes during the FG.

On my previous trip on GD, I did noticed CCs were a bit loose, I made from CC but I have no luck playing CFLL, however, CFLL generously gave away 2 major JPs $32k+ and $16k+ respectively.

I am really puzzle with the Grand JP of FaFaFa/Huang Long, it has been 23 months since my first visit to GD on March 2018, the Grand prize was $40k and till date it just slightly over $110k+, slow accumulation and never want to give out.

Cancelled my Genting Highland trip. I was planing to switch my game times at RWS, now seems like many are avoiding RWS and GD seems to be the safest place for the time being.
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