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FTISLAND’s Minhwan Confirms Military Enlistment Plans As Reserve Soldier

On February 11, news reports began circulating that FTISLAND’s Minhwan would be enlisting on February 24.

Earlier that day, Minhwan and Yulhee welcomed the birth of their twin daughters. The couple has previously spoken on their show, “Mr. House Husband,” about their concerns over Minhwan’s enlistment and Yulhee’s ability to manage three children on her own.

Last year, Minhwan applied to be considered for the full-time reserve forces. The full-time reserve forces are convened from selected active-duty soldiers after their basic military training is complete. These reserve soldiers commute from home during their service and serve in the area related to homeland defense. If you are raising a child and you want to be considered for the full-time reserve forces, you can apply through the Military Manpower Administration.

FNC Entertainment confirmed that Minhwan had been accepted for the reserve forces. The agency stated, “After he enlists for active duty on February 24, he will undergo basic military training for five weeks and then serve as a full-time reserve forces member.”

A source from “Mr. House Husband” said, “We are still in discussions about the family’s future appearance on the show. Nothing has been confirmed yet.”

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