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Ok just in case u dunno... lazada price of good enough bookshelf speaker is about $299 per pair. We are talking about whathifi 5star options like q acoustics 3020 or wharfedale diamond 220/225. Subwoofer options include wharfedale wh-s8e ($199) or wh-s10e ($299). Actually these days with the very cheap prices listed online, its quite pointless to buy 2nd hand. please check prices online first.

Bookshelf speakers enjoy better economy of scale because majority of people buy them. You can see that from the number of reviews across major publications and websites. If you buy satellite speakers, you wont enjoy much savings but will suffer alot in sound quality. You will want to get at least Left, Right and Center speakers in bookshelf size. If you die die want to get satellites u can use them for the rear surrounds. But the economy of scale for bookshelf speakers means u can get same bookshelf for rears also.

Seriously lah. Hope my longwinded explanation can help you understand better. Bundle prices for 5.1 satelllites are not that much cheaper anyway if you check the real prices of popular bookshelf speakers these days.

Also why you wanna get marantz av receiver if u are only going to use with satellite speakers? I only upgraded my av receiver to denon X3600 because i thought my mission lx2 speakers were a little fussy with power. I am not expert so not sure. But i think receiver should match speaker choice.

K... thats all i have to say.

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