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IIRC based on the various uni websites the 10th percentile reflected in the IGP does not take in to account the students who got in via DA? Can someone correct me if I am wrong.
That's correct (at least for NUS) -

7. Why do the grade profiles not take into account offers that were made under Aptitude Based (Discretionary) Admissions?

Since 2004, the University has introduced the Aptitude Based (Discretionary) Admissions framework where students can be offered admission based on criteria other than their academic grades. This would include, typically, special talents, leadership skills or an outstanding record of co-curricular activities and demonstrated passion/aptitude relevant to the course of study. The academic performance of students who are offered under this scheme will not be indicative of the academic requirements for admission and are, therefore, not included in the indicative grade profile of offers. From Academic Year 2017/2018, NUS may admit up to 15% of our annual intake under Aptitude Based (Discretionary) Admissions. While the admission process will remain largely the same, a higher proportion of places to consider students for Aptitude Based (Discretionary) Admissions will provide more room for the university to shortlist and admit students from more diverse background and talents.
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