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Hi guys,

I am a late 30s single, and am looking at getting a 2 room condo after I get my PR (fingers crossed), to avoid the ABSD. I still need to pay 5% ABSD, but not the 15% of a non PR.

The place I am looking at is listing 1,300,000 SGD sales price. How much do you reckon that after all ABSD, stamp duty etc all in will cost me?

I am currently renting the exact same type in the condo (not same unit) and I am fetching a rental of 2500 SGD (and propertyguru is advertising 3000 to 3500). I might rent out the condo I bought since the current one I am renting is provided by my company. And only move into to my own condo in 2 - 3 years time.

Investment-wise, do you guys think it's worth it? Advice appreciated.
I met a malaysian couple recently at my workplace.

Both worked here few years.

Husband took up citizenship recently because they want to buy a condo. Wife remained PR.

Told me save a lot of money.
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