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Well if you have cash for 101k and 25% downpayment and STILL have additional cash for rainy day, you are sitting on at least 500k cash?

If you are able to have 500k by late 30s, you have done well for yourself even without delving into properties.

Then you need to ask yourself if you should continue doing what you have been doing or go into properties where you are down 101k before you even get started.

Anyway I don't think you need alot of help to be frank.
My line of work involves technical expertise, continued income generation does not involve putting in more capital. I hope to deploy my current capital, and since I really like Singapore, buying properties is something that I am considering. The baseline is that the property itself should generate reasonable return to be worth buying.

The other options is to go into REITS, shares, etc. But I feel that there will be a stock market crash in a year or two, or three - REITS and shares will go down.

I do need more opinions and help.

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