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I have bought a BTO under single scheme.
I waiting for key in 2 years time.
Now i decided to marry a foreigner and will have a child.
Is it compulsory to include them as occupier?
Can I choose not to? Or dont update my marital status. What will happen?
For those of you who know nothing much, stop providing the wrong info.

First of all, for the Occupier which is often mentioned, in HDB term, it is the Essential Occupier, which is a family member who forms a family nucleus with the applicant to qualify for a flat from HDB.

Since TS applied for a flat under the single scheme, there is no requirement for other essential occupiers. Therefore, after getting married, THERE IS NO NEED to add the spouse nor future child to the list. Even if the spouse owns a private property, it will not have any impact.
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