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I think can assume 99% if the label do not state the concentration. The brand sold on qoo10, 99.9% IPA also do not state the concentration. While the 70% IPA state the concentration.

18 liter can is same size as hawker centre cooking oil can. I always spill some amount while pouring out from the gallon can. I think the 18 liter can need to use siphon pump to prevent spillage and vapor from coming out.

Thanks for the information. So can presume its 99% ipa already.

I going to make alot cause its for the whole company. In fact i bought 2 x 18 lL. Haha.

No choice my colleagues all use hand sanitizer like water especially the ladies. Open one door sanitizer 1 time . Toilet nearby can wash hand still prefer to use hand sanitizer. Visitor come in also ask them to sanitize their hand. The 12 bottle of hand sanitizer i ship over , i think can only last 2 weeks max.
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