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finally... all done
iphone 11 with
- power support air jacket - rubber black
- spigen full screen TG SP
- spigen camera protector TG

overall feel is soft, grippy, still very slim and looks like a different phone to naked iphone 11

1) getting the bubbles out was a pita! ... give it a few hours and most of the bubbles sorts itself out. then after that patiently massage the remaining bubbles out. alignment is perfect w the kit and looks like it is without any SP (for my old ageing eyes at least)
2) the spigen SP is SMOOTH! the coating is really power... no finger prints, no smudges!
3) with the SP on. the PSAJ screen lips are a hair (barely) protruding. so on the whole feel is almost flush.
4) there is a very small gap all around between SP and the casing for the screen, So there will be dust. Have a lens blower handy
5) contrary to what some have said, the casing does have a tinny bit of flex on the sides around the centre potion (for iphone 11), i suspect 11 pro may not have the issue and max will definitely have this flex especially if u grip it around the middle section. it is easy to remove. search for the video on youtube.
6) the spigen camera protector changes the look of the camera model quite a bit and i like it. But the camera protector does protrude very slightly from the casing. imho, this is highly optional. and if it drops off somehow... i may not buy another one. Also the camera protect surround is sticky and attracts dust (sticks to it)

very very happy with the casing and SP combo....

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