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Ok, so what have your 500k been doing up till now? Or you just got a windfall or something?

Anyway I am a property bear for now for reasons i have mentioned before. I dont believe in paying 100k just for taxes alone. With 500k cash i can generate alot more with other investments than the 2-2.5% returns you get on property rental.

So good luck.
Thanks drkcynic, I want to deploy my idle capital into something that is more recession resistant, knowing that there is nothing fully resistant. REITS and Singapore equity took 50% downfall during the last 2008 recession, and I am already quite exposed in those ares. Singapore property market on the other hand "only" had a 25% downfall in the last recession, which amongst other asset class is consider relatively resistant, as shown on image.

img src:

Note: as a foreigner I might not know the clearest picture. I really appreciate the constructive criticism.

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