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Hi I'm new to ps4, currently can only buy game to play or ps now is available? Getting my ps4 next week.
No PS Now in Asia, except Japan. Don't know why, maybe becos some Asia countries have poor broadband (but even Korean, with one of the fastest bb in the world, also don't have Now). Or maybe PS Asia just sux -- they do show lots of incompetence all the time, and we are like third class customers.

There are a number of digital sales going on (digital meaning you buy the game from Playstation Store, no physical copy, just download/re-download... like Steam, if you are PC gamer). You can take a look first. If you want, you can even buy first before buying PS4. Just create your PS Network account, go to, login, browse, and buy if you want. If you create account with Singapore address, you get to the Asia/SG store, they will accept SG credit/debit card or Paypal. (Note that there is usually a 1% surcharge imposed by your cc bank.)
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