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you have a pond ah?

filter rated for 793g is 3000litres

my English chui so i give a few example

tank 400L a filter rated for 800l/h will be ok filtering the tank x2. filter rated for 1200l/h will be above average filtering the tank x3. filter rated for 1600l/h will be good filtering the tank x4
its up to 3000L/h at max settings
and if you believe manufacturers claims

planning to use at lowest settings with twist and turns and bends on hoses/pipes/fittings so even at lowest setting 1200L/h it will be halved so just abt right
like the ability to rev up when needed and you can never overfilter


if you like DIY and dont mind the aesthetic try diy


all u need is large bucket/container, a pump rated for your aquarium, use back the old media, drill and piping/hose
too troublesome
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