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Keep your rants to the consolidated topic & quit posting in ALL CAPS.
1) But there is no thread with a similar discussion. Don't mind can show where is the thread? One that is asking for the removal of GKY and KW vis a vis with Wuhan and Hubei sacking?

2) Can advs where the rule about ALL CAPS is? Other thread all caps also ok lei...

3) Based on point 1 and 2, can advise again what's my infraction points for?
Post [Consolidated] Poomer's...
Date 13-02-2020 08:16 PM
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Points 3
Reason Forum Nuisance (trolling, impersonation, troublemaker, clone accounts, etc.)
Posted By hwzadmin

4) I disagree with mod's categorisation as rants. Please amend accordingly. If unsure, basic courtesy is to check with user no?

5) This infraction really no head no tail sounds damn ambiguous.


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