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Yes, bto is for commoners and so should always remain affordable. Subsidies is provided in the form of cpf grant instead of lowering the bto price.

Resale is more exp generally because sellers hope to earn. In most of our mind, we are wired in such a way that we think properties can only profit and not lose. More so for hdb.

Not really twisted though.

Govt should keep BTO prices down so that the mass can get them at affordable prices, they are supposed to be entry level homes. Yet why does resale HDB prices keep going up? Cause people peg them to the condo prices mah. Sky Habitat and Sky Vue at Bishan cost $1.2k-$1.6k. As long as the HDB blocks near there are below, it still makes sense to people wor. Like ok, I can't afford the 2mil for a 3 bedder at Sky Habitat, but 600k for a mansionette at a nearby location is doable wor. So I cough it up lor
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