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Ya la, so it is personal preference. But over here we are talking about property not just for own stay but also for investment. I also don't like cigarettes but that doesn't mean I can't be an employee in a cigarette company. Public sentiment is more important than individual opinion, at least for me.

If u ask me, is it worth to pay several hundred psf to stay in the town, I'll say siao la. I don't go to town that often, and even if I do so, I drive and park there and pass through the erp at peak hours, I don't think the amount paid for many years will exceed few hundred thousands. But then if general sentiment prefers that, then I'll say it is worth buying still. If general sentiment accept living near hospitals then I'll think it is still fine to get.

Well, same goes for Cigarettes. I avoid it because I know it does harm on the body, and I absolutely detest the smell.

But they still sell pretty well.

Does it mean I need to join in buying it?
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