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My main concern here is to have total control of selling or buying of a property.
precisely why i need to know your objective, so pls take note of this important point,

whether your foreigner spouse is an essential occupier or not, approval and acknowledgement from her is needed when u decide to sell the unit. (she must go to hdb branch office to sign some documents)

Of cos there is someone here who is so adamant that u don't need to add your foreigner spouse, and think that is the end of the story. That is why I ask u the main reason why u are asking those questions.
What will happen to my property if we divorced within the MOP period? Property dissolved and split
as u are able to own this unit under single scheme, u can retain the property and nothing will happen to it.

If spouse want a spilt of the property, she can still get something if its over 5yrs and its a matrimonial flat. Need to put everything clearly in divorce paper.


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