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Very sensible post. End of day really boils down to your needs, wants and risk appetite.

For sure among the younger generation there is a want for something nice, I know at least one person who made the choice to buy a studio unit and after getting married, it becomes more a liability than an asset because they can't offload at the price they want and they don't have enough to buy another sizable PC

End of day, I think it's more important to visualise whether the unit u buying is a unit u can stay for next 10-20 years if needed
I'm looking for a new place, part of the reason is because I want to right some wrongs that I did when I first got the property, if you know what I mean.

There were some things I should have done but didn't because family dynamics were different then. A lot of things I did not foresee because kids were not around then.

So either I need to spend money to renovate a little here and there within the current house, or get a new place with proper planning and reno done once and for all.

Like you say, a unit that the family can stay for the next 10-20 years.

Decisions decisions decisions...
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