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Hi, i need help for my Singtel 2Gpbs internet issue.
so i have this issue since from 1gpbs to 2gpbs.
i had did changes to my hardware
e.g changes Lan cable to cat 6 or cat 7
armoured Fibre Optic Patch Cord

by right every port will issue at least 1gpbs
but after few month it will drop to 500mpbs

Lan 1- samsung home connect (configure to AP mode)
Lan 2- Asus RT-AC86U (configure to AP mode)
Lan 3- used by android tv
Lan 4- singtel TV box

can i know what is the issue causing it? did you arrive at "at least 1 Gbps" every port ? Each port can go UP to 1 Gbps on wired connection but total bandwidth is always 2 Gbps maximum.

At which connection, do you experience 500 Mbps ? And I hope you don't mean on Wi-Fi.
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