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The west hasn't quite got the memo yet, but UK already taking steps. The rest of Europe, and then US, should not be far behind.
Certainly and eventually. Several events around the globe have either been postponed until further notice or cancelled totally. Most that have not been made official will not be releasing statements since the invites are not sent. Asia and EU would be taking the heat first followed by US.

How's it during the 2003 SARS?
Let me share 1 article from my favourite blogger.

Let me know your thought.
Nice analysis. Just a few notes: you shouldn't be looking purely at fatality rate. Yes it's low but that doesn't change the fact that with more cases requiring medical attention it will eventually exhaust your medical infrastructure leading to manpower issues and in general, shortage of resources to attend to such cases.

Also, pay attention to those countries with aging population. These are cities where healthcare is almost stressed out everyday even without the virus outbreak. There's a reason why in Singapore, authorities have to look for other buildings to use for quarantine purposes because there just isn't enough isolation wards. Talk to those who work on the ground, they know the actual situation better than what's reported.

But overall it depends on how the government is handling the matter. If your government is decisive and able to instill trust in the people, that's great but if not, Singapore panic buying is one good example of losing trust.

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