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It a bit complicated. I converted tel point to network point and is using the ethernet with pc1

From the modem I have his router that is connected to it. From that router I have another router connected to it. And I using pc2 with wifi from the second router.

I tried to find and it seems they are not in the same network. So I need to use teamviewer over the net. If I can use teamviewer over lan I assume it will be faster. My question is whether it can be done.

The problem with pc 2 is it is inside a room with thick door. If I cannot connect with lan will it be worth it to buy a second router to replace router 2 which is giving the wifi signal? Will my wifi signal be stronger with a better router? If yes can recommend me a 50 to 100 one which I can get from carousell?
it is better not to have 2 routers, your router 2 should be configured as 'switch + AP'.

what you need to do is not to use WAN port of router 2, use LAN port 1 of router 2 to connect to lan port 1 of router 1 instead. you have to disable router 2's DHCP too.
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