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I have considered it. maybe still am. But this is a 5.0 system which means I will need to spend at least 200-300 dollars more on a sub-woofer.
If the $699 price is real you add another $200 is still the price of the DX2 set

Is not unbelievable actually. Same seller selling Crystal 4.1 at $200 pair and 4.3 at $400 pair. Crystal 4.C at $169. Whole bundle $699 looks normal.

You buy the crystal 4 set now, u get floorstanders with bass down to 50Hz and -6dB point down to 45Hz (and I appreciate manufacturers who call their "frequency response" as +-3dB and honest with their -6dB point, because many manufacturers call their "frequency response" as -6dB or even -10dB)

And then you can buy a subwoofer to cover the final 20Hz to 50Hz.

You get the DX2, the subwoofer only covers +-3dB to 40Hz.
Lower price subwoofers tend not to go very low. Especially if it still has to reproduce higher frequencies to cover up for the satellites.

tl;dr: Get the Crystal 4

Now now, there is demand for speakers of different form factors, be it due to size requirements or $$$ requirement. DX2 is a valid choice if you need smaller speakers or don't have the $$$. If someone buys a Soundware XS or Wharfedale MS-100 HCP or even Bose, it can be a legit decision.

Even Crystal 4 won't be perfect because people will easily say "wHy DiDnT yOu BuY a DiAmOnD", but even if you bought diamond they will say "WhY dIdNt YoU bUy An EvO" and nothing gets done. Stick a budget, stick a size, stick a performance requirements, buy the speaker, done.
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