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Hi there,
Had purchased the Office 365 from their website, approx. SGD $148 per year.

What got me curious are the ads which appear on social media like FaceBook where I see software like "Office Professional Plus 2019" at $9.99 OK the software may be outdated but that is not legit, right?

Just wondering if anyone is willing to shed some more light or experience on this please. Thanks.
i might be abit late but i hope this helps whoever sees this.

basically there are people out there who did credit card scams etc. to make full use of the credit card, they buy a lot of keys of software. examples are microsoft office 2019, adobe acrobat, windows 10 etc. then they sell these keys for cheap to clear them fast.

when microsoft or adobe realize these keys are fake, they will disable the license key, to make the key unusable.

another possibility is the software is sold by someone who bought volume licensing. they have 300 keys to be generated and distributed to be used internally by their company. they sell these extra keys cheaply to make a quick buck. but companies can easily reset the keys distributed to make the key unusable.

so the conclusion & tldr:
1. there are keys sold for cheap. less than $15
2. legit? sort of. they are legit keys until they are resetted
3. there are people who use these cheap software keys, able to use for 1 year + no one kaciao.

the question is when will these license be resetted, u are basically buying it cheap, but not knowing how long it will last.

and also, ts, u might want to look at cheaper alternative for office licenses. microsoft sells single license the most expensive.
theres an sg vendor that sells it cheaper.

$11 per mth would put it at $132.

basically u can activate on 5 device.. which means 5 pc can use this license concurrently. i let u think of what it means by that
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