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Tried Wolcen, a disaster of a game. Nice bling, but mechanics wise stiff. A lot of missing feature like leagues or leadership board or hardcore. Endgame is just a paper thin single point re-runs of optional dungeons. Especially buggy and not optimized due extreme heavy use of cpu and gpu resources.

Those who bought it at this faux launch, only able to play half the time or worst none(real life stuff to do) due to server issues. Offline, you can cheat easily though if that's your thing as it's just a text document that you just edit...

Even though price "increase", you can expect sales. It will take another year for them to produced the last two acts, 4 and 5, and hopefully fix all their issues. You are better off waiting for sale and a content complete game as this game is around for many many years now, and their development is really slow.
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