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i have a question about the MiBox S. it's currently conencted to a TP-Link router and when I try stream the view on my phone via Chromecast, it takes forever to load.

Is it because:
- there's too many devices connected to the TP-Link router?
- Chromecast only works if you have a high-speed internet connection (not local network connection)?

Is there any other way to use "Chromecast" or atleast "stream" whatever I have on my phone to the MiBox without any lag or connection issue?
chromecast needs almost no bandwidth.

just a bit of information exchange between phone and tv box when you press the chromecast button. so if your phone can play the video, you can chromecast it to tv box.

the problem is how to do the chromecast, also the apps you are using, you can get it working if you are not doing it right.
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